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canoe angular Foldable canoe 14.5ft Origami - MyCanoe Pop (New)
Price: £1200.00 (Including UK standard delivery)

Foldable CANOE 2.5 (Hull & 2 seats)
Price: NOW £1299

Out Of Stock
Foldable CANOE 2.5 Plus (with Oar lock Hull & 2 seats)
Price: NOW £1499

Out Of Stock

Foldable DINGHY Boat 1.0 (Hull, Oars & 1 seat)
Price: £1299.00

Out Of Stock

foldable canoe

Optional Stabiliser Kit
Price: £299.00 (Including UK standard delivery)


My Canoe Paddles
Price: £55.00

Out Of Stock

Motor Plate
Price: £60.00

Out Of Stock

Rowing or Oarlock Kit

A set of oar locks and oars. This rowing or oarlock kit allows easy rowing and you do not need to worry about losing the oars in the water.
The kit includes two locks and two oars. The oars can be used as paddles too…
You can install two sets of oarlock kits to make it a rowing team.

Price: £199.00 (Including UK standard delivery)

In Stock

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