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Q. What its made of and how long will the CANOE last ?

A.  The CANOES are made of a 5 mm double-layer custom polypropylene that is lightweight and very strong.
It is manufacturer rated for 20,000 fold cycles. We have tested it in various water/weather conditions and haven't yet found any issues. With proper care, a the canoes could last for years of paddling. E
very component piece can be replaced in the event of breakage.

Q. Where can I find some instruction or manuals?

A. Click here for Foldable Canoe and here for Foldable Dinghy.

Q. How do I care for the CANOES?

A. We recommend treating your CANOE as you would a fiberglass, wood, or skin-on-frame canoe: don’t drag it or bump into sharp objects. Store out of direct sunlight and rinse the canoe thoroughly with fresh water after each use.

Q. How stable are the CANOES?

A. The Foldable CANOE is quite stable and difficult to capsize. However we recommend that inexperienced paddlers go with a companion and should not attempt to use the CANOE in conditions beyond their skill level.

Q. Does the CANOE float?

A. Yes, the CANOE is buoyant and will float even if it capsizes. However we recommend taking every safety precaution, including personal flotation devices and equipping bow and stern with floating bags.

Q. Will repeated folding weaken the hull?

A. The body of the CANOE is manufacturered &rated for "20,000 fold cycles" - quite a lot of folds.

Q. Can I take the Foldable CANOE on a plane?

A. Yes, the CANOE can be checked as luggage and the best way to protect the CANOE during the journey is to cover it with a protective material such as blanket or related.

Q. Can It Be Used For Fishing?

A. Yes with minor modifications the CANOE can be outfitted with a rod holder. Another great choice for outfitting your CANOE is to attach a RAM mount which works perfectly on the CANOE. It clamps down tightly without drilling any holes, you could then attach a rod holder or cup holder, camera mount, fish finder etc. The RAM mount can then be paired with a YakAttack or RAM rod holder.
We recommend a stabiliser kit for added stability when fishing.

Q. Can I attach a trolling motor to the Canoe?

A. Yes. A lot of users' do...
We recommend a small lightweight motor to properly protect the hull and gunwales from damage.
For the canoe one would need either a DIY mount (e.g., see YouTube) or buy one online - search for "Canoe trolling motor mount". The Dinghy has a built-in panel and an optional motor plate for outside. Please see video here.

Q. Can I take the CANOE in salt water?

A. Salt water will not damage the CANOE. Just make sure to rinse the inside and outside of the hull, all joints, parts and accessories after each use. Dry before folding.

Q. What if I hit a rock?

A. Avoid rocks if possible, however if you do hit one, the user and the CANOE should be fine.
We’ve tested it on rocky beaches and even attempted to crack the hull with a hammer.

Q. What if I made a hole?

A. While the hull is extremely durable and unlikely to get a hole, if that happens, simply contact us for a free repair kit.

Q. Can I store the CANOE as assembled for an extended period?

A. Yes. The CANOE can be stored either assembled or folded for months.
Just avoid direct sun exposure and store in a dry, cool storage space. 

Q. Can I setup a sailing rig with the CANOE?

A. Yes. As long as you can find the appropriate hardware (clamps, support, hooks, etc.),
The CANOE should be fun with a light sailing set up.  

Q. What are the buckles & straps on the inside of the canoe for..?

A. You need to fasten those to give a right shape of the canoe.  

Q. Are there different colours?

A. No. The CANOE currently comes in only one colour - white w/ aqua blue.

Q. Does the paddle float?

A. Yes, the oars for the Dinghy will float.

Q. How do I attach the stabilisers?

A. Inflate to about 70% and attach it using the built-in buckles. Finish inflation and tighten the buckles.  

Q. The Canoe appears to be used when I opened the package.

A. It is common for minor scratches and marks to be visible, the canoes are inspected & tested before packing.

Q. Can the Dinghy have 3 seats?

A. The boat has 3 cross bars so technically you can attach 3 seats. One must use the stabilizer for 3 people.
This applies to the Canoes too...

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