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FOLDABLE 14.5 ft Canoe

The newly MyCanoe POP is the latest generation with much improved features.

POP turns into a beautiful 14.5-ft canoe in less than 5 minutes.

It is an award winning, lightweight, TUV safety certified, and patented folding canoe.
It is a high quality performance folding canoe that stores in your closet and fits in most small sedans.

Its full-sized 14.5 ft with two seats are perfect for sharing with family, friends and kids for a quick trip to water.

See details below:

Foldable Canoe


    • Significantly improved stability and tracking with built-in keels.
    • Patented design and single seam construction for easy assembly and folding
    • Double-layer marine-grade custom manufactured polypropylene hull that is rated for 20,000 fold cycles
    • 15-yr UV treatment and marine-rated structures and materials
    • two seats included
    • Improved gunwale system is compatible with most off-the-shelf accessories
    • Enough storage space for coolers and camping gears
    • Comes with main body (38 lbs) and a dry bag for gunwales (12 lbs)
    • Optional stabiliser kit available for added stability for rough water or active fishing
    • Paddles, stabilisers & rowing kit are not included
    • Compatible with our optional rowing system kit


    o Quickly assemble on average 5 minutes & 3 minutes to dismantle
    o Lightweight & robust
    o Easily fit in a car, closet or enclosed space
    o Full length 14.5 FT
    o Width 3.2 FT
    o Recommended load 460 LDS
    o 2 People on board
    o Folder bag/boat total weight approximately 52 Lbs
    o Made in South Korea




my canoe angular  

Foldable canoe

MyCanoe Pop

Foldable Canoe

Foldable Canoe

Optional Kit:

Stabiliser for extra buyoance ( 2 tubes, 1 air pump & a repair kit in a bag)

Rowing System that is attached to the sides for paddling

Optional Kit

Please contact us to purchase any other related accessories if you cannot find what you require.







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