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Canoe Angular

The Canoe Angular is a lightweight, patented foldable canoe that comes with an oar lock kit.
All the specs are the same as the canoe 2.5.
The plus version allows the attachment of two paddles for long trips or for those that prefer to row instead of paddling.
The plus version also comes with two seats, two oar locks and two paddles.

Detailed specs are listed below:
mycanoe angular

  1. Easy to store and transport. Fits in your car boot

  2. Suitable for the river, lake, or inner harbor

  3. Patented design and single seam construction for easy assembling and folding

  4. Double-layer marine-grade custom manufactured polypropylene hull Marine-rated structures and materials

  5. Motor & stabilizer can be attachable to the rear of the boat.

  6. Adjustable seat locations (two seats included)

  7. Most optimized fishing boat.

  8. Long endurance and stable.

  9. Optional stabiliser kit available for added stability for rough water



  • The award winning MyCanoe is TUV certified, comparing both better or similar to other canoes.

  • With 8 different seat positions, the possible ways to enjoy your MyCanoe are limitless.

mycanoe angular specs

Fully assembled and extended size is 12.1 feet long. Enjoy the smooth rolling and fast enough that you can enjoy a traditional wooden canoe.Assembled in 10 min, its a treat to take onflights or carry it in the boot of your car

my canoe angular


Option 1:

stabilizer for extra buyoance ( 2 tubes, 1 air pump, a repair kit and bag)


mycanoe angular


Option 2:

Motor bracket for motor installation. For long distance travel.

mycanoe angular option 2

Option 3:

Fishing Rod holder set (3 holders + 4 clips)

canoe angular

Option 4:

Shelving (Aluminum material) for additional space to fix your fishing rod horizontally as in the photos images

mycanoe angular

Option 5:

Pole set to fix the fishing rod at the angle you want for long time. (a pair of pole fixtures, 2 pole brackets, 2 canoe brackets)

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